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Limitless Platform & Blockchain Sports Ecosystem, In Phase 1 development for 19 months, with over $30M invested; Highly competent & accomplished team of experts. Over 600 employees; Real world locations utilizing cutting edge technology; Partnerships with some of the biggest global media companies and influencers; Creating a new category within a multibillion-dollar industry; Crowdfunding target of $2B in the first 6 months; Step into the Limitless world of our newest project - Blockchain Sports - where everyone wins! Own Exclusive Founders Nodes on the ATLETA Blockchain, earning Atla Coin Daily. Founding members earn both the digital rewards as well as the real world royalties!!

Blockchain Sports is being crowdfunded by the Limitless community. Who Is Limitless? Originated in 2021, Limitless, is a decentralized crowdfunding community for WEB3 technology projects;Has over 240,000 members;Achieved over $660M in contributions in last project;Achieved goal of a casualty free model where every member wins, even if they never refer a single person;Blockchain Sports is our next project through August 16th, 2024

Blockchain Sports is a comprehensive ecosystem with many elements and the first sports that it will be involved in will be Football.The basic idea is to build football academies all over the world to attract young and talented football players.In fact, the first football academy is being built in Acopiara, Brazil. The goal is to build 20 academies all over the world in the next years.

Limitless Blockchain Sports 10 Min Overview :

Limitless & Blockchain Sports Ecosystem
Launch Date: February 21st 2024

Limitless Blockchain Sports Live from Dubai 21/02/2024:

The Sports Industry

It is a global phenomenon involving millions of people and many actors: athletes, clubs, fans, and event organisers. However, it faces many challenges, such as fraud, falsification of results, and management and communication issues, that demand new innovative solutions.

Blockchain Sports offers an answer to these problems, creating a trustworthy and transparent environment for the sports industry. With blockchain technology, every event, result, transaction, and action can be stored in an immutable blockchain, ensuring data integrity and protection against tampering.

Blockchain Sports valued at over $1 billion:

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