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Any tiers purchased for crypto packs place the purchaser immediately in the corresponding matrixes. You MUST purchase at least tier 1 in the current crypto tiers BEFORE you can buy any forex packs. The only positioning that is delayed until nov 1 is for paid forex packs or free positions as a result of buying forex packs. New positions are created only for matrixes you are NOT currently placed in already.
There is no different matrix for forex to crypto. It's the SAME matrix. Crypto and forex packs are just products going through the SAME pay plan and SAME matrix genealogy.
No different to a person in a traditional mlm buying nutrition product and shampoo. Different products, same pay plan.
You do not get free qualifications in generations in each matrix. You still need to meet the normal requirements to earn on generations based on the number of personal referrals and total personal referral contribution you have. The promo just provides the opportunity to be placed into a matrix with a new position
Personal referral bonus is paid immediately on forex pack purchases and matrix and matching bonuses are paid Nov 1.
It works exactly the same way the current system works except free positions gifted from the promo are placed the same as if you had paid for that tier. The other difference is the placement of all positions does not happen at the time of the purchase but is held back to Nov 1 to avoid people jumping you.
However on Nov 1 if your downline is eligible to be placed in a higher matrix than you (paid for a tier or got a few position) then they can jump you.
Everyone who pays for a pack or gets a free position as a result of purchases in the promo period will be entered into the different matrixes on November 1 starting with the top of the genealogy structure and work its way down level by level of direct referral starting with the founder positions
It doesn't matter when they purchased in the promotion period
There is ONE matrix per tier and all cryptocurrency /forex / token packs all go through the same positions in each matrix.
There is not different matrixes or different placement in matrixes for each pack forex / crypto etc
For example when token packs were purchased in July that did not create new positions or new matrixes. It's just another product sale going through the SAME position in the matrixes
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