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Daisy AI Trading Withdrawal Tutorial

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D.AI.SY Crypto AI trading income, withdraw at any time. D.AI.SY Forex AI trades on weekdays from Monday to Friday, and if the accumulative income reaches 20 USDT, you can apply for cash withdrawal on weekends, and the account will arrive within 48 hours! Note: Forex AI profit withdrawal can only be applied from 8pm UTC Friday to 8pm UTC Sunday!
How to withdraw Daisy Crypto or Forex Trading Rewards From Your Back Office :

Some important details:
There is no fixed return. It all depends on market and ai. Request Withdraw: Forex market closes weekends that's why the Weekend withdrawal, 8pm UTC Friday to 8pm UTC Sunday. Crypto market is 24/7  it can be anytime.As we roll out the initial withdraws, for now there will be a $20 total trading profit minimum in order to be able to withdraw.
There will be a $3.00 fee deducted from the total profits to cover the blockchain energy fee.The profit rewards are then 70% to the contributor and another 15% to the smart contract rewards plan. 
Members can choose how much of the available rewards they wish to withdraw as long as the total profit is above $20. Withdraws will be paid out once a day, and could take up to 48 hours to transfer from daisy fund into the smart contract. Unilevel residual rewards will accumulate in the smart contract and can be withdrawn from your back office at any time in a single transaction. Simular to pacesetter rewards, members withdrawing their unilevel bonus will pay the small 3-5 trx fee for each withdraw. Any rewards not withdrawn are automatically added to your active trading balance and re-invested, Automatic compound interest investment.

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