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Is the Tier your funded too not showing in your App or back

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Is the Tier your funded too not showing in your App or back office?
Are you getting fails or errors when you try to fund new Tiers?
The solution is easy, the blockchain shows all.  Select your wallet address, go to and enter you address in the search bar.  Select search, the slightly down the page select the Transaction tab.  When you see Transaction Type = Trigger Smart Contract with a Success in the Results column you see the immutable evidence of your smart contract having been triggered for the Amount listed.
I have noticed the results are not reflected on our devices and so we keep trying to fund the same level over and over again.  Fund the level, check the blockchain, if it is SUCCESS, then fund the next level.  Not sure of what levels you are funded at, check the blockchain to be sure.
Note if you are pre-enrolled you $100 first level will not show on the blockchain and you can only have 9 SUCCESSES for 9 Tier Upgrades for Trigger Smart Contracts. 
If you registered via a referral link, you will have a total of 10 SUCCESSES if you fund all 10 Tiers.
I hope this helps you move people forward in their Tier funding.  There is no better proof than the blockchain.

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