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Do you know how to earn,PASSIVE income in DAISY?

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Do you know how to earn the RESIDUAL, PASSIVE income in DAISY?
The first 4 days have evidence to the enormity of the UPFRONT income DAISY can offer but have you thought about the potential of the passive, residual income on the BACK END?
What do I mean by passive.....residual?
That's the earnings that come in again, and again, and again.....from the SAME people over an extended period.... even when you are NOT working, even when you are sleeping, and even when you're on vacation!
I'm talking about the trading rewards that will be generated from the trading profits created by the DAISY AI as it puts to work the Daisy Fund the crowd funding contributions create.
50% of the first 7 Crowd Funding Tiers, and 70% of Tiers 8-10 go towards the Daisy Fund which is used by the AI to execute trades in the cryptocurrency market with an aim of generating profits that can be shared back to crowd funders like you and I as Trading Rewards.
Out of every $1 of trading profits generated the following distribution occurs when it is withdrawn from the system.
70% of that $1 goes to the withdrawer (crowd funder)
15% is paid through the referral pay plan
15% goes to Endotech as a Performance Fee 
That 15% of every withdrawal is shared through a Uni-Level structure pay plan (not a matrix). 
What does that mean?
Your Uni-level structure starts with YOUR personal referrals. They are generation 1.
Their personal referrals are generation 2. There referrals are generation 3, and so on down unlimited generations. There can be unlimited referrals on each generation.
It is important to note that spillover does NOT apply to the Uni-level structure. You ONLY earn on the team you build starting with your referrals.
So what are the qualifications for the Uni-Level Pay Plan? 
The same as the matrix. 
You earn on the first 2 generations with NO qualification.
3 personal referrals who crowd fund $1000 collectively will see you paid on the 3rd generation....and so on.
So how do you maximize your earnings from the Trading Rewards to increase the amount of passive, residual income?
Personally enroll as many people as possible (aim for a minimum of 24) and duplicate, and help everyone upgrade to higher Tiers.
Indirectly this will ALSO boost your matrix income on the FRONT END!
What you do NOW until GO LIVE 2.0 can lay the foundation for passive residual income quickly and ongoingly.

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