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 What we know so far.
Do existing users need to submit a USDT wallet to DAISY due to the change to the USDT?
What if I have multiple TRX wallets on my TRON APP (Klever, TronLink or Token Pocket). Will I have to advise which USDT wallet to use for each Daisy Account?
No. Payments to all existing users will automatically go to the respective USDT wallet that corresponds to their current TRX wallet on their App.
Will commissions and trading rewards be paid now in USDT instead of TRX?
Yes. All payments IN and OUT will be USDT
Will the fees for transferring USDT for funding of Tiers be paid in USDT or TRX?
Initially it will be TRX however options are being explored for the future for the use of USDT as a way to pay the fees or potentially no fee at all.
Will the amount of fees to fund each Tier be larger for each Tier?
No. It will be one set fee for each Tier. Details to come on how much.
Can you swap USDT to a TRX wallet that has never received any TRX?
No. A TRX wallet need to be activated on the TRON Blockchain network first so you need to send a little TRX to your TRX wallet or have your sponsor / upline send you a few TRX to your TRX wallet to activate it.
What are the best exchanges to purchase USDT and send USDT to your TRON App?
Binance (
Is USDT TRC20 available in Klever, TronLink and Token Pocket?
Yes. You made need to do a search for it in the search bar for Tokens to ADD it to the list as the Apps normally only list the core cryptos most used.

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