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What is an EOS account

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In EOS system, it can be divided into short account name and normal account name (12 digits)
Short account names are obtained by bidding, so the higher bidder can get them. However, to create a common account name, only a small amount of EOS is needed to purchase RAM and pledge CPU and NET to ensure the operation of EOS accounts.
Regardless of whether it's a short account or a normal account ,Both of them are unique, and as a collection address for all Tokens on EOS network; unlike a long string of public keys in ETH, EOS account name is more recognizable, more usage friendly and more satisfying social attributes
Since account name is unique, it is registered first, so there is a 12-digit account name with a special meaning in the market, and transferred at a high price.
PS.Pandoras security reminds users who purchase account names to confirm that private keys corresponding to Owner Key and Active Key are unique to themselves, otherwise they will face a huge risk of asset loss.

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