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How to effectively prevent EOS account from being stolen?

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Essence of account theft:Private key is obtained by others.
Pandoras team has sorted out several common accounts that have been stolen, and we hope to help users improve their security awareness and guard against it before it happens.
Case 1: someone else helps to create an account, but not all account permissions are not given to you. EOS account is created with the help of someone else, but he only gives you public and private keys of Active Key permissions.He maliciously do not inform Owner Key permission,and after assets are transferred to EOS account, EOS account assets are subsequently stolen and lost.
How to avoid:
As far as possible, help create EOS accounts through familiar friends. At the same time, after creating accounts, enter EOS account names through third-party websites such as
By querying permission group of this account name, whether Active and Owner Key are self-generated public keys, if not, they can not be used.
Case 2: Leaked private key
In any process, as long as private key is leaked, this account is no longer secure. Therefore, in creating an account, you must not reveal your private key or spread it through a network such as We  Chat or cloud disk, or save it. These are high-risk behaviors that can easily lead to account theft.
Case 3: Click to enter phishing website, mail
Some platforms with unknown security do not use EOS official source code to generate EOS public-private key pairs, resulting in some users' public/private key pairs are duplicated, or some platform saves public key information and causes theft.

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