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Why can't I see those auditing results?

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Ernst and Young is a multi-billion dollar auditing and accounting company audited 6 months of trading results and Endotech's company finances and gave it the big thumbs up.
People will say, "Why can't I see those auditing results?"
Answer it is, "It is illegal to do that as that would be seen by regulators as an enticement to lure people into Daisy and put the project and IPO at risk!"
People say, "But my prospects want that!"
Answer is, "So you want the project to break the law and be non compliant with the regulators and put the project at risk so your prospect is happy...who may NOT even join?"
Let's chose NOT to break the law.
Ernst and Young will be speaking from the stage at the Feb 20/21 Dausy Dubai event. If they want proof come to the event :)

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