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DAISY is a disruptive crowd funding business model on a dece

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DAISY is a disruptive crowd funding business model on a decentralised self executing smart contract technology.
Everything programmed into digital contract to ensure 100% accuracy and execution of processes.
No third party interference, fully automatic works everyday without human intervention.
Real Time Rewards sent directly to your external crypto wallet in USDT.
Providing each member with a model of profit, equity and income. is a technology provider with a record of more than 1000 days
Assets under management reached billions of dollars 
Two main elements
1. Daisy Fund: Transparent AI Trading
2. Daisy Crowd: Referral Program and Endotech Equity
Daisy Fund:
Potentially Earn up to 300% a year with compounding 
Get paid when people join! 
Get paid when people withdraw their trading profits!
Get paid immediately!
UPFRONT income: (people get paid when they buy packages)
3x10 mandatory matrix (up to 10 generations)
Personal referral bonus 5%
Matrix check match 10% on your directs income earned from matrix
Global Crowd Fund bonus 1.8% pool share
Global Trading Profit Pool Sharing bonus 1.25%
Residual income from trading profits - get paid when people withdraw  
10 generation Unilevel trading bonus
smallest contribution is $100 USD
Download Tron Link wallet

DAISY Global is a disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies, a trusted Crypto & Forex AI trading platform with broad prospects and development potential, The underlying technology is provided. DAISY Global is A Crowdfunding smart contract that offers profits, equity and income to every member.=>【Click Here to Join Now】

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