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What will make DAISY stand out from so many other opportunit

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What will make DAISY stand out from so many other opportunities when it comes to transparency?
I am talking about transparency that trading is being carried out, transparency of the trading results, and independent validation!
Well think about this....
More and more people will fund all 10 Crowd Funding Tiers and become VIP members of DAISY!
These VIPs then get access to the Endotech services where they can access the SAME AI trading technology Daisy uses for the DAISY Fund. VIPS will be trading funds in their own exchange account with top exchanges like Binance or Gemini. 
The RESULTS the VIPS will be seeing in their OWN exchange accounts will be similar to those that the DAISY FUND is achieving as it is the SAME technology so now independent people from all demographics will be validating the power of the AI technology.
In addition Dr Anna has said she will be adding more reports to the DAISY back office we all get that shows detailed information on the trading. 
PLUS Dr Anna is having a top accounting firm do independent audits of the trading results. 
So now you have validation from multiple sources. This is one of the reasons we can have faith that DAISY is a long term project

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