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Reward Plan

Limitless Blockchain Sports Ecosystem, Founding Members Benefits:Share in the success of the entire roadmap, enjoy lifetime royalties and participate in the atleta blockchain be part of a disruptive community.the goal: 500k founders promoting blockchain sports.

Six Tiers of Founders Packs: Ranging from 500 USDT to 100,000 USDT, each tier offers unique benefits and increases the number of Nodes owned. Academy Pack Inclusion: Each pack includes a 100 USDT contribution to the Blockchain Sports Academy in Brazil, aimed at supporting and nurturing young talent.


• Earn daily rewards

• Validate transactions from the blockchain

• Earn fees from data storage

• Mint the atla coin

IRL (In Real Life) SPORTS

business rewards,earn quarterly royalties from:

• NFT marketplace revenue

• Player transfers to clubs

• Revenue shares from football clubs, sports science and health tech, tech r&d, gaming platforms, reality shows, live events, sponsorships.

Limitless Blockchain Sports Founders Packs Overview:

 Limitless Blockchain Sports Live from Dubai 21/02/2024:

Limitless Official  Youtube:

Here Is The 60 Second Intro Video, 10 Minute Overview Video, And Founders Pack/Rewards Plan PPT

we want to bullet point a few things:

- Your % of unilevel payout is based on the package you purchase, but can also be earned through team volume by unlocking Generation 4 and generation 5. Packages can be upgraded at anytime by paying the difference. Tier 3, 8000 usdt, unlocks the highest payouts, and no matter what package you choose, you can earn from all other pack sales. 

- You can qualify for up to 5 shares in the rising star pool in your 1st 30 days, 1 share for every 5k in personal referral volume, 50% rule applies. Additionally when you refer 2 people with any Founders Pack, you qualify for the Founders Pack Rebate Bonus.

- Champions Pool Shares are earned each time you unlock your next generation, starting with gen 4 through gen 7, which is based on team volume, 50% rule applies.

- Legends Pool Shares are earned as you unlock generations 8-10, also based on volume, 50% rule applies.

- All volume is accumalitive and not monthly, so everything counts, with the exception of the rising star pool, which must be in your 1st 30 days.

September First, Officially launched:

1, The layer i blockchain goes live with its st project. the fan to athlete sponsorship model through NFTs

2, Atleta blockchain mainnet,nodes go live,nodes begin to operate transactions on the blockchain. the founders nodes begin to earn daily rewards from the transactions on the blockchain. the activity level and the rewards will organically increase over time as bcs launches more and more projects.

3, 100% of all token rewards from the nodes work on the blockchain are available in real time.

4, Atla token listed on major exchanges 5% of all minted tokens are available after 6 months of minting, and founding member integration and ecosystem growth inaugural project goes live, the player sponsorship and nft marketplace. which includes the bcs academies and clubs. this is the heart of the project launch, allow fans to back players. allowing players to uive at the best in the world academy. and be taken pro.

Limitless x Blockchain Sports explained in 10 minutes :
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