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Daisy Forex AI Has Crossed 500% in Profits

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Daisy Global Forex AI Has Crossed 500% in Profits
Have you been breaking your head on where to park your money during these tough times? Stocks and cryptos took a huge hit in 2022. Even the best investors saw their portfolios shrinking in 2022.
However, there is one secret opportunity that is backed up by Artificial Intelligence that made its members over 500% compounded profit in only 9 months!
This holy grail is called D.AI.SY.

D.AI.SY is a Decentralized Equity Crowd Funding Project on the Blockchain, 100% built on Smart Contracts.
Currently crowdfunding Endotech for the development of the D.AI.SY AI Project.
Crowd Funders receive equity in Endotech and real-time rewards from the AI Trading results in Cryptocurrency and Forex.
D.AI.SY leverages the power of the community to back breakthrough financial technologies, using a business model where everyone wins, with profits, equity, and income.
500% sounds big; however, this number is based on auto-compounding.
Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results!
If we break it down to non-compounded profit, we will see 21% monthly and 4,7% weekly profit on average:
Daisy Global Forex AI Has Crossed 500% in Profits
Daisy Global Forex AI Has Crossed 500% in Profits
Members can start crowdfunding Daisy AI with only 100 USDT.
Daisy Global Forex AI Has Crossed 500% in Profits
There are 2 contribution categories, Crypto AI and Forex AI.
There are 10 contribution tiers for each category, beginning with Tier 1 at 100 USDT, and each tier doubling.
70% of Tiers 3-10 and 50% of Tiers 1 and 2 are used in live trading for the purpose of testing and development.
70% of all trading profits are rewarded to the contributor, 15% to the community rewards, and 15% to operations.
Every contributor from Tiers 2-10 is also rewarded with their share of 5% equity in Endotech prior to going public.
How to join Daisy
Add Tronlink Chrome Extension to Chrome browser or Tronlink app on your phone.
Fund your Tronlink wallet with USDT TRC20 to fund crowdfunding tiers, and 500 TRX for energy fees
Enter referral URL in browser, connect to Daisy smart contract and complete the on-screen step to contribute to Tier 1 of Forex or Crypto Log in and fund additional Tiers (optional).
Daisy Global Forex AI Has Crossed 500% in Profits

DAISY Global is a disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies, a trusted Crypto & Forex AI trading platform with broad prospects and development potential, The underlying technology is provided. DAISY Global is A Crowdfunding smart contract that offers profits, equity and income to every member.=>【Click Here to Join Now】

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