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Daisy AI+Daisy Defi Conference Summary

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At present, DAISY AI has more than 100,000 members, crowdfunding more than 100 million US dollars, and sending out more than 75 million US dollars of dynamic rewards. It also broke the industry record in a short time. Our original intention is for long-term development, so that everyone can All sectors in the DAISY ecosystem can make money.
The original intention of DAISY defi was also due to the fact that defi is currently an indispensable part of the entire blockchain ecology. Many of the participant leaders of DAISY are also very interested in defi and have participated in many successful defi projects and tokens. So I decided to take advantage of the trend and become the ecological sector of DAISY defi tokens.
DAISY defi tokens are limited to DAISY members’ private placement pre-sale, starting on July 1st
June 10-11 will lead the founding team of DAISY to participate in the world's largest digital currency defi summit. This summit will also be exclusively sponsored by DAISY.
This defi summit is one of the largest defi conferences in the world. We will have at least 50,000 users participating online, and there will be live broadcasts of users in many languages. In this summit, many well-known entrepreneurial summits in the industry gave speeches, such as the founders of Binance and Huobi, the founders of metamask, and other founders in the defi field will attend this summit.
Our DAISY defi token itself does not have a model and is not a cx coin. It is an international defi token. It will be listed on CMC (the world’s largest digital currency search engine, similar to non-small accounts) and will also be listed on many famous centers. Chemical exchange.
DAISY defi tokens are cross-chain tokens, which can be exchanged across chains on common mainstream decentralized exchanges such as the Ethereum chain and Binance chain.
The use of DAISY tokens is for the use of the DAISY ecological platform
If we pledge DAISY tokens, we can get any tokens listed on the DAISY decentralized exchange
Many defi tokens want to be listed on DAISY's decentralized exchange
We have two rounds of pre-sale private placement and public placement. The private placement price for DAISY members is between US$0.1-1 and the public placement price is US$1-5. After the public offering, the price we showed on the cmc website is $5 starting
It is estimated that the DAISY token will reach 50 U.S. dollars by the end of the year
The DAISY member network model determines how many tokens you can buy
46% of the funds purchased for tokens will enter the matrix share
DAISY defi private placement target sales of 100 million US dollars
We have three reward pools, and each reward pool has 10 million tokens directly rewarded to members who meet the standard for free
All DAISY defi dynamic rewards are settled in usdt
Up to 30% of DAISY defi tokens will be given to DAISY members, and 10% will be given to private placements other than DAISY
The number of tokens that DAISY members can purchase depends on the DAISY AI investment level 1:1
Introduction of DAISY development roadmap:
The goal of the DAISY AI digital currency sector is to raise 500 million U.S. dollars
DAISY AI's $1 billion crowdfunding target for foreign exchange sector
DAISY defi token plate
Endor Technology plans to go public
DAISY AI robot research and development completed
DAISY DEFI token dividend pool 30 million rewards
(Activity time: 6.13-7.12)
1. For every four partners who invest 1000u directly into DAISY AI, they can get one dividend right, and the pool will have a total of 10 million DAISY defi tokens.
2. Active rewards for those who reach the target, a pool of 10 million DAISY defi tokens.
3. Leadership award winners, pool 10 million DAISY defi tokens.
The current number of active award leaders is 300 who meet the target. According to the current number of qualified leaders, each active award leader can get 33,000 DAISY defi tokens. According to the calculation of 5 US dollars each, they may get 150,000 US dollars worth of token rewards. If it rises to 50 US dollars, then the potential dividend income reaches 1.5 million US dollars in income.
There are currently 35 leaders in the Leadership Award who have met the target. According to the current number of leaders, each leader in the Leadership Award can get 250,000 DAISY defi tokens. If you calculate it at 5 USD each, you will probably get a token reward worth 1.2 million USD. If it rises to $50, the potential dividend income will reach $12 million.
It is expected that in 12-24 months, the DAISY ecosystem will gradually expand, and China will reach more than one million members in all sectors.
DAISY does not have gorgeous packaging. We want to build a real and long-term team. At present, many leaders in the market like to package very good mlm projects, but we believe that DAISY is the most authentic and transparent in the entire Internet finance field.
Private placement of DAISY members, with a total amount of 300 million
First round: 75 million pieces 0.1
Second round: 75 million pieces 0.25
The third round: 75 million 0.5
Fourth round: 75 million pieces 1
Public offering price 1-5 US dollars
I would like to thank DAISY for your support and participants all the way. DAISY will uphold its original aspiration, expand the ecological sector, and attract more outstanding partners to participate, so that everyone can earn income.

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