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Daisy DEFI Launch Pad Token & Incentive Pool Calculators

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Daisy DEFI Launch Pad Token & Incentive Pool Calculators Explained 
Would you put $200 into a project to get a potential upside value of $5,000+ within just 30 days?
Would you like to receive free tokens from major public projects launching in the DeFi and NFT sector of the booking cryptocurrency space?
The Daisy DeFi Launch Pad is going to be one of the hottest projects in the DeFi space with a community of more than 120,000 people already involved! 
In this video we show you the huge profit potential of doing the following.
Becoming part of the venture capital community by June 30 to access the token presale @ 10c that will have a public exchange listing price of $5/. Similar DeFi Launch Pad Tokens have grown from 0.50 to $40+ on their first 6-9 months!
How to earn FREE tokens by sharing this no brainer opportunity with others.
This is a time sensitive opportunity NOT to be missed! - Official Website for the Daisy Launch Pad Token (VIDEO)
Go to to download the calculator spreadsheet

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