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Why is NOW a GOOD time to participate with Daisy ?

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 Why is NOW a GOOD time to participate with Daisy?
1. Daisy has taken in more than $200 Million between the crowd fund and the token sales and attracted over 150,000 participants.
 Proof of concept!
2. Daisy achieved this despite having to pause for more than 2 months after the beta launch, rebuild a new smart contract platform, and more....all things that would have killed 99% of businesses.
 Proof of resilience to adversity!
3. Endotech has shown it can produce results in a volatile market, a sideways market, a market that crashed 50%, and a market where most traders LOST money. Endotech has attracted the interest of substantial institutional investment firms, their valuation has significantly increased, and is on track to enter new asset classes including forex, commodities and stocks all ensuring the IPO planned for 2022 will be a significant success.
More than $11 million of trading rewards has been withdrawn by crowd fund participants.
 Proof we crowd funded the right project!
4. Successful launch of the 2nd project, the TOKEN project, that attracted highly rated projects wanting to launch of our launch pad. Daisy was the major sponsor of a significant online blockchain event that involved well respected speakers and a large global listening audience.
 Proof Daisy is NOT dependent on one project!
 Proof Daisy can attract substantial real world projects!
5. Referral Pay Plan has paid out over $70 million resulting in people earning multiple 5 and 6 figure incomes, even 7 figure incomes in first 6 months.
 Proof the Referral Rewards Plan create both upfront and passive income!
6. There is strong leadership in place amongst the member base, strong leadership at the corporate level, strong leadership in the projects being funded. 
 Proof of strong leadership on every level!
 All YOU have to is DECIDE if YOU want to participate in the future of Daisy?

DAISY Global is a disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies, a trusted Crypto & Forex AI trading platform with broad prospects and development potential, The underlying technology is provided. DAISY Global is A Crowdfunding smart contract that offers profits, equity and income to every member.=>【Click Here to Join Now】

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