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Updates for Daisy AI Trading!End of contribution

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Updates for Daisy AI Trading:

The 6 month automatic performance fees will NOT be charged for the next 6 months, allowing maximum compounding for all members. The next performance fee charge will be reduced to 20%, with no change to the 15% going into the rewards plan. 

30% performance fee will apply on any withdraws prior to September 1st, and starting in September, that fee will be reduced to 20%.

For those wishing to exit permanently and withdraw your total from live trading, a request form will be available in your back office this week. 

Lastly, while we have completed our targets for the Crowd Fund, and no new contributions can be made at this time, members will continue to receive the same rewards of the live trading team in Forex. For those who were previously in the Crypto AI, please be sure to check your Forex reporting to see your live rewards, as funds were transferred from Crypto to Forex last year. As announced in Dubai, we are securing our own brokerage for maximum results, the Forex trading team that has created our amazing results since 2022 is continuing as normal, and once Endotech's AI has proven consistent results, and once our Crypto and Forex AI license are completed, we will make announcements about implementing Endotechs automated AI for Crypto, and possibly for Forex once we see it is fully ready.

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