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D.AIS.Y support bot and ticketing system on Telegram

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Dear Daisy Family , 
As announced during the very exciting global call, we are taking the daisy contributor support to the next level ! 
We proudly present to you our D.AIS.Y support bot and ticketing system on Telegram!! 
This new bot and ticketing system will give everyone a helping hand with almost any tech issues you might face. 
It can also be used to clarify anything regarding the payplan, current promotions, and any other questions you or your team may have.
Please understand, there are still REAL admins working on the other end, so PLEASE use this bot for "real" problems only and not for plain entertainment . 
In order to talk to an admin and get your questions answered, you have to select "create a new support ticket", please don't just use the chat function without creating a new support ticket. 
Any time you have a new inquiry, please select the menu and choose "new support ticket". The system will register your request and begin the process of answering your question.
The new chat bot and customer service ticketing system will protect the community from fake admins and customer service scams popping up within the telegram groups, and will be replacing our current community group chat.
We hope, you'll love our new system  as much as we do. 
Follow the link:

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