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When can I withdraw DAISY AI profits?

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What is the DAISY AI performance fee?
The Performance fee is a commission charged for utilizing Endotech Algorithms. A 30% fee is deducted upon the withdrawal event, which occurs once every 6 months or when you withdraw your profit. This fee is never charged twice. Out of the 30% fee, 15% is returned to Endotech, and the remaining 15% is distributed back to the crowd.
When can I withdraw Forex profits?
If your profit is $100 or more, you can apply for a withdrawal from 8 pm UTC on Friday to 8 pm UTC on Sunday. Funds will be transferred directly to your wallet after 10 am UTC on Monday.
When can I withdraw Crypto profits?
If your current balance is $100 or more, you can apply for a withdrawal every day. Your funds will be transferred to your wallet within 48 hours after submitting the withdrawal application.
When does the withdrawal hit my wallet? 
if Forex withdraws are transferred into wallets after 10 am UTC Monday
if Crypto withdraws are transferred during 48hrs after sending withdrawal apply

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