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On-Chain Resource Exchange

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Using token holders on the EOS.IO software block chain, you may not need to consume all or part of available bandwidth immediately, so you can delegate or lease these unconsumed bandwidth to others, EOS.IO producers will identify this authorization and allocate appropriate bandwidth. One of the main advantages of EOS.IO software is that the bandwidth of DApp is completely independent of token price. Therefore, on-line resource leasing is a unique scenario under DPoS consensus mechanism, similar to traditional telecom bandwidth. Pandoras will provide a more convenient scenario for EOS.IO on-line resource exchange.
If DApp is to take up resources such as bandwidth on EOS.IO, Pandoras can find other EOS holders who rent resources on the chain, and may mobilize more bandwidth and other resources at a lower price. And afterwards, resources such as bandwidth can be automatically returned to the user without too much bandwidth. Applicants get a lower cost of bandwidth usage (and also avoids EOS price fluctuations), and user gets a stable loan return, which benefits both parties. 

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