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DAISY GLOBAL CALL November 1st,2023

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Dr Anna:
Crypto AI system is making significant improvements achieving an 80% win ratio on trades executed. Resolution increased to 30 minutes and will increase more. 
How is the Endotech AI system different and unique from anything else in the financial markets?
The greatest difference is the holistic approach which takes all components and contexts including prediction into consideration with over 200 individual AI systems defined as experts each with their expertise to focus on. Correlations of all financial markets recently included in the system. 
28 M in new contributions came in during October
90/10 Momentum Tiers will be extended until Nov 10
3000 Dubai Limitless event tickets purchased so far, get yours at 
Link is available & clickable inside your DAISY back office 
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Link is available & clickable inside your DAISY back office

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