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Two good options for securing a D.AI.SY/Tron wallet

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Two good options for securing a D.AI.SY/Tron wallet are (1) multisignature governance and (2) using a Ledger hardware wallet:
1. Multisignature governance involves implementing a multisig function that allows the user to continue using the Tron wallet as well as accessing the D.AI.SY back office. However, most back office functions such as reward withdrawals are not be possible through the use of multisig. Additionally, there is a 200 TRX gas fee every time the user enables or disables multisig, and changes to the governance of the wallet carry the risk of accidental mistakes, which can have severe impact of having access altogether.
2. Using a Ledger hardware wallet allows for the creation and holding of multiple Tron wallets, all of which can be paired with the Tronlink app. This allows for the use of Ledger Tron wallets to join and interact with the D.AI.SY smart contract, and all back office functions are available. The private keys are securely stored on the hardware wallet, providing added security even in the event of a system hack. An existing Tron wallet can also be imported into the Ledger using a seed/mnemonic phrase, but this process only works for wallets created through Tronlink and not Klever wallets.
In summary, the acquisition of a Ledger device (around $70) is a worthwhile investment. It facilitates seamless interaction with the back office while providing secure storage of assets.

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