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The matrix of D.AI.SY

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10 pool fund packages are available that will double with each generation.
If you buy all 10, one by one, you will have invested $ 102,300 in total. For packages 1 through 7, the ratio of the D.AI.SY business account and crowd index is 50/50.
For packages 8–10, the ratio will be 70/30.
Your Endotech shares will add up to 1023 if you purchase all 10 packages. The core of the D.AI.SY compensation plan is a 3×10 matrix.
The first two tiers have no benchmark requirements, but you can make money off the spill.
The matrix is 10-generation locked and you can win on all investment packages purchased on any qualifying generation.
To qualify for a commission, you must have the same package level as your referral.
For example: if someone in your 10 generations buys a level 7 package and you only own a level 5 package, that commission will go to the next qualified member.
To be paid in Generations 3–10, you must meet the personal referral requirements.
Not an array builder? Well, find someone who knows how to build matrices and earn 10% of your profit.

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