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How does it work?

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How does it work?
Endotech use the model crowdfunding D.AI.SY to finance the development of its artificial intelligence. So they can hire more quantitative scientists and build the next data center they need to operate this new technology.
ID 001 in the referral plan will be used to raise $ 10 million of funds.
Members can choose from 10 crowdfunding packages that start at just $ 100.
Each contributor gets their equal share of 5% of Endotech’s shares. 50% to 70% of each package goes to the D.AI.SY Fund for negotiation.
70% of the commercial profit is rewarded back to the taxpayer. 15% of trading earnings are rewarded to the residual referral plan. Back to the smart contract.
The referral plan pays up to 46% to members.

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